Packing for New Destinations

Following on from my post, How to Avoid Over Packing, I thought I’d share my packing process for my first White Christmas in Russia & Germany. Packing for new destinations and new climates can be overwhelming to say the least. So, I thought I’d share how I tackle packing in the hope that it can help one of you during your next trips.

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How to avoid over packing

It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it… I repeat to myself as I sit on top of my overflowing suitcase hoping that I won’t bust the zip when I take my weight off it. I’m going away for x days and I have enough clothes to last me for 10x days.

Look, I try. I’ve gotten a lot better in the last few months because I travel so regularly, so I’ve had a bit of practice. In no way am I near where I want to be, but these are the preparations I make that have helped me pack a little lighter every time.

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5 Months | 5 Surrenders

So many spend their days wishing they had the opportunity to start a new life, somewhere new. While doing so can be extremely liberating and rewarding, it calls for just as much sacrifice.

I think people have this idea that giving up your life in search for another one is something you only have to do once, but that is not the case at all. One of the most difficult aspects to grasp is that it requires constant surrender – it must be practiced every day. You don’t just give it up once and reap the benefits – that would be far too easy, and let’s face it, life isn’t easy.

So, to mark 5 months since I moved away from Australia to the land of pasta, pizza and wine, here are 5 things I continually have to surrender in order to continue my new life in Italy

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Seven Hours in Sorrento

Bar la Terrazza

I wish I could tell you that my day trip to Sorrento during the summer was filled with deep exploration of this beautiful town. But if I did that, I’d be lying. Instead, with thanks to my sister, after lunch we ended up walking an hour in the wrong direction.

With the excessive Italian summer heat, added dehydration and sore feet, my sister and I argued because she insisted that she knew the way to Piazza Tasso – when in fact she didn’t. After wasting a fair bit of the time we had in Sorrento, we eventually turned around and headed towards the main square after checking maps.

By the afternoon we’d found our way to the beautiful city center square where the streets were lined with restaurants, hand painted artwork, specialty stalls, and some of the most talented musicians that Italy has to offer.

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Why I Moved To The Other Side Of The World

“Your second life begins when you realise you only have one.” – Raphaelle Giordano

I lack the vocabulary necessary to articulate the content I feel for my life and all it currently encompasses. It is unbelievable to even acknowledge that it has been three months since I surrendered the life I had always known in search for the life I had always wanted. Upon reflection, it often feels as if I only boarded my flight to Italy yesterday, in other cases it feels like a lifetime ago. Three months of pasta, pizza, vino, limoncello and gelato is as wonderful and dangerous as it sounds.

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Pre Travel App Downloads

One of the best things about living in 2019 is the abundance of information we can access at our fingertips. Downloading apps before you depart for your holiday can limit awkward language barriers, prevent you from getting lost, and helping you stick to your budget. These are a my most used apps when I travel and have saved me in so many situations.

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