Pre Travel App Downloads

One of the best things about living in 2019 is the abundance of information we can access at our fingertips. Downloading apps before you depart for your holiday can limit awkward language barriers, prevent you from getting lost, and helping you stick to your budget. These are a my most used apps when I travel and have saved me in so many situations.


Google Translate: Easily one of the best apps ever created. This app is great for trips of all lengths. Whether it’s a short trip that you don’t intend to buy a SIM card for or a long term trip to a country where you aren’t fluent in the language. It is important to note that some translations aren’t accurate and shouldn’t be completely relied on – instead of translating the phrase as a whole, it will translate word for word.

Features of this app include:

  • Free to buy and free to use
  • Download an entire language on WiFi to enable offline translation
  • Instant camera translation
  • Take or import photos for translation
  • Save phrases and translations for future reference
  • Quick switch between languages

Online only features:

  • Voice audio translations
  • Conversation translations
  • Handwriting translations

Maps Another revolutionary travel app, has helped me find my way in foreign countries many times.

Features of this app include:

  • Free to buy and free to use
  • Download certain regions or entire countries on WiFi to enable offline maps
  • Route to and from locations
  • Various transport options between routes (driving, walking, cycling)
  • Bookmark locations
  • Fairly precise location and compass display
  • Traffic and Subway layers
  • ‘Nearby Feature’ allows you to search through various categories to find food, hotels, attractions, atms, toilets, wifi, pharmacies etc.


I am still yet to find an app that consolidates 195 countries worth of public transport. So these are the ones that I’ve been using regularly during my time in Europe:

  • Moovit: This app offers public transport lines across 90 countries.
  • Omio: 800 transport partners across 18 European countries.
  • Trainline: 220 train and bus partners across 45 countries.
  • Uber: Although Italy doesn’t have Uber, I use this one frequently when travelling throughout other countries in Europe if taxis are more expensive.

Financial Tracking

Currency Converter Plus: For those who are money conscious, or are unfamiliar with the currency of the destination they are travelling to, this app is great.

  • Use offline
  • Instant conversion
  • 191 currencies from all over the world

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